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Assuming you're on Android, this is probably going to be a bit harder since the hosts file is deep within the linux-like file structure which you normally can't access without rooting your phone. You'll need the Android Debug Bridge, which you can find here. Install it on your PC.
1) Enable USB debugging in your phone's developer settings 2) Connect your phone to the PC via USB 3) Open up a command prompt (assuming you're using Windows: WindowsKey + R -> Type cmd -> Enter) 4) Input adb devices to ensure your phone is properly connected to the PC 5) Type adb pull /system/etc/hosts C:\hosts . The hosts file should be in C:\hosts right now. 6) Edit like you did before to unfuck Soup on PC 7) Save and copy the file back to your phone by writing adb push C:\hosts /system/etc/ in your command prompt.
8) ??? 9) Profit
If you do have root access, just navigate with your favorite file explorer to /system/etc, change the permissions to make it writeable and edit away.
That's how I did it anyway, and it works. I don't know if there's a wireless option, and I also have no idea how to edit the hosts file on iPhones, though.
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